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API Readiness Assessment

Find out if your organisation is API ready before you start your Digital Transformation

Undertaking a Digital Transformation represents a significant investment. Well designed APIs will enable your digital transformation, will help you maximise reuse of business logic and data, and will help accelerate the implementation of your business strategy. WhiteSky Labs will quickly assess your readiness and guide you on your API journey.

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WhiteSky Labs expertise + API lead strategy = an accelerated digital transformation

consulting services
API Readiness Assessment

Business Context

WhiteSky Labs will work with you to understand your current and target business environment. We’ll examine where your business wants to go, the key business initiatives you have planned over the next 3-5 years and the vision you have for the growth of your organisation.

This business context will be used to define the integration design principals that underpin the API led strategy.


Current Integration Landscape

Our principal consultants will review your current technology landscape, with a strong focus on the current integration platform and interface implementation. We’ll examine your interfaces, data flows, transformation and business logic. We look at your integration topology and your approach to security. We’ll form a strong opinion on the maturity of your integration capability and use this to advise on your API strategy for the future.


Digital Transformation

Given the inputs of your current state technology landscape and the business context of your organisation, we’ll work with you to understand the key elements of your Digital Transformation strategy. This will help inform our assessment of your future capability requirements and will drive our strategic recommendations and roadmap. WhiteSky Labs will work to understand your key transformation program of work, the key projects within the program and the individual timescales of each initiative. We’ll also examine the key systems changes, modifications to data flows and the planned replacement of any primary IT platforms.


Vision & Roadmap

Following the conclusion of the readiness assessment, WhiteSky Labs will produce a report that summarises our findings and recommendations. We will also provide you with our expert opinion and views on the best API implementation strategy. This will be summarised in the form of Roadmap specific to your organisation, detailing the key integration initiatives required to support an API led approach to the enablement of your business strategy.

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Global Integration specialists

Our global team of experts from around the world will unleash your competitive advantage, with a competitive value proposition. And since API enterprise transformation is all we do, we know digital integration backwards, forwards and inside out. We’ll focus our concentrated MuleSoft expertise and decades of integration experience on your organisation, unlock your capabilities and get your business humming

No. 1 for MuleSoft

MuleSoft is a world leader in digital integration and API technology, and with our 100% MuleSoft certified team of architects, consultants, developers and support team, WhiteSky Labs provides a valuable source of global expertise via our award-winning team. We’re so good at what we do that MuleSoft has given us 3 annual ‘Top Partner’ awards and we’re now acknowledged again as their leading development partner of 2019!

Full stack integration service

WhiteSky will support you at every stage of your API journey, from strategic & architecture through to design & implementation, managed services and ongoing performance optimisation. With an approach that’s collaborative and open, always tailoring our service to your organisation’s unique circumstances and needs. Great customer relationships are part of the team DNA at WhiteSky Labs.

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