Fifth MuleSoft Meetup in Manila

Fifth MuleSoft Meetup in Manila

Manila, Philippines | July 18, 2019

The most recent MuleSoft Meetup in Manila was held last 18 July 2019 at the WhiteSky Labs office in Ortigas, Pasig City. This is the fifth time that WhiteSky Labs has hosted and organised this event, and this is also the biggest one yet with over 90 MuleSoft enthusiasts attending.

The first speaker for the night was Cham Parrenas, Senior Integration Consultant at WhiteSky Labs, who spoke about exploring Salesforce connectivity.

Salesforce, one of the world’s most successful enterprise platform-as-a-service, empowers everyone to build together. It already has a lot of customers who are succeeding with the platform, and with Mulesoft’s Salesforce Connector, Salesforce integration for use cases like ERP integration, data integration, and legacy modernization is accelerated.

Following her was Errol Carrasco, also a Senior Integration Consultant at WhiteSky Labs. He discussed API-Led Connectivity from a high-level point of view, so attendees can easily visualize how to approach connectivity and how to approach the Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) landscape in general. He also shared some MuleSoft best practices on SOA. This was followed by a quick demo of integration projects for the attendees’ further appreciation.

To close the night off, there were some games and networking, as well as a group photo session to show the growing MuleSoft community in Manila.

Event photos and speakers’ presentations can be viewed at the Meetup Event Page.

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