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Mule 4 Migration

Benefit from a considered and practical WhiteSky Labs approach to migrating to the all new Mule 4 Platform

Moving to the new Mule4 platform requires serious consideration, planning and a structured execution. There is no rapid migration approach or automated tooling to help you move from Mule 3.x to Mule 4. What you need is 100% MuleSoft certified consultants with decades of integration expertise to help guide you through your upgrade options.

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WhiteSky Labs engineering + the award winning MuleSoft 4 Platform = a smooth Mule 4 implementation

consulting services
Mule 4 Migration

Platform Enablement

WhiteSky Labs will work with you to define your business requirements, the non-functional requirements and to review the different MuleSoft Deployment options for your new Mule 4 platform.

We will then facilitate several Architecture and Solution Design workshops to explore the key facets of the Mule 4 Platform Architecture. In the process of doing this we’ll discuss with you considerations such as security, performance, scalability, VPC configuration, remote access requirements and your preferred target deployment landscape.

Your final Mule 4 Deployment Blueprint will be used to implement and configure your new MuleSoft platform.



A WhiteSky Labs 100% MuleSoft certified consultant will work with you through a series of facilitated workshops to discover and define a high-level migration scope. Together, we will identify a representative sample of APIs for a pilot project as part of the Prove stage. We will also define a full list of APIs required for a full migration.



WhiteSky Labs will conduct a successful pilot project migration of the representative sample of APIs agreed during the discovery phase. These APIs will be migrated to the new Mule 4 platform using a combination of techniques such as automatic transfer, partial refactoring and full rebuild. This will prove the approach for a full migration of all API and will ensure that the full migration can be estimated and planned with minimal residual business risk.



The full migration to the new Mule 4 platform for all remaining interfaces. This will be conducted as a separate project following the successful conclusion of the Prove stage.

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Global Integration specialists

Our global team of experts from around the world will unleash your competitive advantage, with a competitive value proposition. And since API enterprise transformation is all we do, we know digital integration backwards, forwards and inside out. We’ll focus our concentrated MuleSoft expertise and decades of integration experience on your organisation, unlock your capabilities and get your business humming

No. 1 for MuleSoft

MuleSoft is a world leader in digital integration and API technology, and with our 100% MuleSoft certified team of architects, consultants, developers and support team, WhiteSky Labs provides a valuable source of global expertise via our award-winning team. We’re so good at what we do that MuleSoft has given us 3 annual ‘Top Partner’ awards and we’re now acknowledged again as their leading development partner of 2019!

Full stack integration service

WhiteSky will support you at every stage of your API journey, from strategic & architecture through to design & implementation, managed services and ongoing performance optimisation. With an approach that’s collaborative and open, always tailoring our service to your organisation’s unique circumstances and needs. Great customer relationships are part of the team DNA at WhiteSky Labs.

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